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Sarmale/Stuffed Cabbage

Pork Mince Meat, Rice, Vegetable,Cabbage


Tochitura/Romanian Stew

Pork Meat, Smoket Sausages, Pork Ribs, Cabbage, Polenta, Cheease, Frid Egg


Chiftele Cu Sos/Meatballs With Sauuce

Pork Mitballs, Red Sauce, Polenta, Fresh Parsley, Salad


Tocanita De Pui/Chicken Stew

Chicken, red sauce, polenta, fresh parsley,


Snitzel De Pui/Porc/Chicken/Pork/Snitzel

Chicken Breast Or Pork Meat, Bredcrumbs, Egg, Flower, Salad & Chips


Aripioare Crocante/Crispy Wings

Wings, Bredcrumbs, Salad & Chips, Sauce


Peste Prajit /Frid Fish With Chips

Fish Fillet, Bredcrumbs, Egg, Lemon Sauce, Chips


Ficatei De Pui Cu Sos/Chicken Liver With Auce

(Chicken liver, onion,garlic, tomatoes and fresh parsley served with polenta)


Pui Cu Ciuperci Si Sos Alb/Chicken With White Sauce And Mushrooms

(Chicken, Single Cream, Mushrooms, Garlic And Polenta)