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Grilled Beef Salad / Salata cu Vita

(Mixed salad with cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumber, toasted croutons & grilled beef)


Grilled Salmon Salad / Salata cu Salmon

(Mixed salad, fresh avocado, cucumber, topped with lemon dressing, toasted croutons & grilled salmon)


Chicken Caesar Salad / Salata Caesar

(Succulent chicken breast, sweet cherry tomatoes, green salad, parmesan& croutons)


Seafood Salad / Salata cu Fructe de Mare

(Shrimps, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mixed green salad & croutons)


Aubergine Salad / Salata de vinete

(Aubergine, mayonnaise, onions, tomatoes & croutons)